Hi There! I’m Jacob.

I help teams create innovative and intuitive products. I get excited about all things cutting edge and socially impactful. Solving complex problems elegantly for the benefit of humans is what drives me.

I’m currently on a contract with Coca-cola designing their Software Development Kit GUI. I’ve had the opportunity to work on multi-platform digital products to assist both industry professionals and end-consumers to provide and receive the care they need.

My Story

My earliest product design memories were creating paper phones and laptops. Next I worked with my friends designing platformer video games - focusing on the art, story, and interaction design.

In high school and college, I worked with community organizations on branding, web presence, and graphic design to help us reach our target audience and get people involved.

From there, I took a deep dive into UX/UI design and built up my product chops. I’m always excited to collaborate with inspired teams and clients on impactful projects!

My Hobbies

Illustration / Figure drawing / D&D / Magic: The Gathering / Playing Guitar, Synth / Road tripping / Travel / Designing stickers / Seeing live music / Playing soccer