kOS Studio is the future of smart dispenser development

Role: UX Designer
Company: Coca-Cola
Industry: Beverage

By combining best in class development standards and rigorously user tested features, the Coca-Cola Operating System Studio (kOS Studio) understands the necessary use cases for development and manufacturing teams around the world.

Equipped with a complete suite of developer and QA tools to simulate or test a live machine, kOS studio promises an integrated, highly serviceable fleet of dispensers.

Features I'm working on

API Browser

A tool that enables engineers to browse applicable/available APIs to the Device. Within these APIs the engineer can see the endpoint requirements, descriptions and examples.

The Browser enables Java Developers to find and execute APIs, UI Developers to find and execute APIs for their Typescript Code, and QA engineers to double check data via various endpoints without the hassle of using GUI to get to the same endpoint.

Performance Monitor

A tool that assists in finding and correcting abnormalities in dispenser builds. Engineers can view total system metrics, including both momentary abnormalities and patterned abnormalities.

Multiple views are supplied including tables, timelines, and zoom levels by time interval. Metrics are displayed for memory, disk, CPU, page swaps, and per-process.

Below are a few different designs we are currently exploring.

Each feature has to consider

  • This is a web app served as a desktop application
  • Developers will use this application alongside a primary coding software (ex: VS code)
  • New components must fit in the pre-existing design system and its preferred to not use new components
  • Studio will need to run alongside low power machines running the NCUI (non-consumer user interface) in the field

What I’ve learned working on kOS:

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